The first is CREATION. You need to master the art of developing quality products, like video courses, training, plugins, software, etc. Whether you are a vendor trying to sell these things for all the profit or an affiliate using them as bonuses, content creation isn’t something you can skip over.

The second thing is ASSEMBLY. You’ve got to assemble high converting DEEP sales funnels. This includes the web pages, the sales copy, the upsell process, etc. You might make a quick buck here and there but until you master sales funnels you simply won’t created that consistent life changing income you want.

The third thing is TRAFFIC. This is where you provide a steady stream of targeted prospects entering your funnels. The first two pieces of the puzzle will never get seen unless you master the third which is traffic. Most online business fail due to lack of traffic.

Omar and Melinda Martin have a developed a very impressive process called Commission Automation that you can learn about for free on their webinar. (see first comment for link) They begin with a LEAD CAPTURE SYSTEM. Then they use a FINE TUNED SALES PROCESS with a series of carefully crafted offers containing eight unique interconnected campaigns.

They use and AUTOMATION SYSTEM with custom “logic-based” algorithms that moves prospects to the next optimal campaign depending whether they buy or have already purchased a product. This is a super smart way of creating passive reliable affiliate commissions and I highly recommend you check it out.

Check out the link in the first comment below to learn more!

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