Most people freak out when they see those earnings screenshots from marketers that make thousands of dollars per day. I get it. Frankly I don’t blame you, after all we’ve been conditioned to work so hard for a weekly paycheck that the thought of making thousands of dollars per day seems like just a fantasy.

There are thousand upon thousands of people earning consistent commissions on JVZoo. Day in and day out. Many of these people make thousands of dollars per day and its not because of “luck” and its not because they have some secret fairy dust either. Its because they have a system.

Omar and Melinda Martin are top vendors and affiliates on JVZoo. They have a system called Commission Automation that generates them an average of $775 per day consistently on JVZoo and they teach this in detail on their webinar. (link in the comments below)

Their Commission Automation training is not for everyone because is goes into detail about their VSC formula. It reveals the actual math that you have to know in order to analyze a JVZoo products statistics to determine how much money your affiliate campaign will make. Affiliate marketing is an exact science and as long as you understand it and follow it you can’t fail. I know some people would rather wait for their ship to come in with a delivery of magic fairy dust… BUT, if you’re the type that wants to learn a process that has made over $6 MILLION online then you need to check out this Commission Automation thing below.

Check out the link in the first comment below to learn more!

or go here


    • Caterina Christakos

      I love Omar and Melinda. They are some of the few marketers that actually put out things that work and they actually get back to you when you have a question. You are right, earning big commissions is pretty easy when you have the right tools and mindset.

    • Anthony

      Hi there John, I agree with you entirely that high ticket commissions are a possibility. In fact in an affiliate program I am involved with the commissions can be as high as $15k. I was also taught long ago about the advantages of being involved as an affiliate of high ticket programs – less sales, higher lead cost but higher income.

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