Many people shy away from product creation and launching because the process strips you of two very precious currencies… MONEY & TIME.

Creating and launching a product PROPERLY, a product that will attract both affiliates and customers and go on to make six figures can be a DAUNTING process. It can take the most skilled vendor thousands of dollars and months to develop and launch a product successfully.

Omar and Melinda Martin have made millions of dollars online and their 8 core products cost them over $117k to develop and launch. I recently watched their webinar (link in the comments) where they actually break down the time and money that it took to build each product.

The interesting part is that they set up a system that links all their funnels together so they can keep making money from their products consistently even AFTER the launch.

It took Melinda and Omar, including their team of nine experts, a year and half to build those core products and funnels. This includes the design of all the pages, writing all the sales copy, recording all the videos, coding all the software, putting it all together, etc ….

Imagine how long it would take you to get all that done for yourself without a team? Perhaps it would take two to three years? Then you would have to compose, setup, and test all of the email campaigns. It hurts my brain just to think about it!

You’ve gotta see their system for doing this, it’s called Commission Automation and they have a really clever method that you’re going to want to see for yourself. Link below.


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